wikipedia article about DT

I just stumbled over the Wikipedia article about Devon Think - at the moment, it is a stub and not up to date:

The forum is already helpful, maybe this article could be a good place for frequently asked questions about Devon Think, or typical usage scenarios ?

@ Maak:
While your ideas sound good that’s not really the purpose of WP articles. The editors at WP will ask contributors who submit such things make external references and links to developer sites, user groups, and discussion forums rather than host such on WP.

On the other hand, I would like to see further expansion on WP of the DevonThink application and philosophy.

However, the editors at WP have some strict rules about what can be posted and who can post. For instance, I can’t go create a WP entry for myself or for any firm I work for, as much as I’d like to. :smiling_imp: WP is one place where one can’t toot his own horn; someone independent and unrelated has to do this.

-Tod (who has contributed to assorted WP articles)