Wild Cards in Devonsphere and Easyfind


I am using gnu-time to test rendering times for some pdfs. I’ve set it up to create text files listing real #.##, user #.##, and sys #.## times.

I want to highlight results of 100 seconds or more.

According to the Devonsphere and Easyfind help guides, ? is a wildcard that can substitute for any other character. So searching text files, with real user sys ???.?? should indicate values of 100 seconds or more, and real user sys [asterisk].[asterisk] should indicate any values.

But these yield no results, while real user sys yields all the output files regardless of the values.

Is there something I’m missing with regard to wildcard usage? Does it not cover numbers, and if so, is there a way to search for numbers by minimum value or by number of digits?


Only alphanumerical characters are indexed/searchable, therefore this doesn’t work as your search doesn’t contain any valid characters. In addition, [] is used to specify character ranges like [0-9], see description of search syntax in help.

But numerals are numeric, so they should be searchable…?

Where is this correct description of the search syntax? I’ve had to rely on the descriptions in the “help”, which state:


You can replace parts of words with wildcards matching one, multiple, or a range of characters:

  • ?:

Matches exactly one character.

  • *:

Matches none, one, or multiple characters.

  • [a-b]:

Matches one character of the range ‘a’ through ‘b’.

  • [abc…] or [a|b|c|…]:

Matches one character out of the given list of characters.

  • [^…]:

Matches one character that is not contained in the given list or range.

I believe @cgrunenberg mistook your comment to be searching for ???.?? explicitly.

(sys&user&real) BEFORE/1 [0-9][0-9][0-9].[0-9][0-9]

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Thank you. [0-9] works in Devonsphere, not in Easyfind.

They are. But your search term included no valid alphanumeric character at all.

I thought wild cards were supposed to substitute for any alphanumeric character? Isn’t that the point?

Indeed. But a query like ???.?? just means that a word with 3 characters is followed by one with two characters and this is not supported.