Wildcards in keyboard shortcuts

I’ve just had to go searching for a document after I hit ⌘⌥T, which is “Move to folder…” in MailMate, but “Move to again” in DT3. I’d like to s keyboard swap these shortcuts in the system Keyboard preferences, but it changes the folder name on the “Move Again” shortcut each time, obviously.

At the moment I’ve got ⌘⌥T mapped to “Move To…”, which is the main change I needed, but it would be useful to still have a shortcut for “Move Again”.

Is there a way to specify wildcards in keyboard shortcuts? It’s very difficult to find proper documentation for it on Apple’s site (and it’s clearly too much effort for them to add a Help button :roll_eyes:)

As far as I know this is not possible in macOS system preferences.

But Keyboard Maestro can do it.