Will DEVONthink work for me?

I currently use an Applescript that creates a bunch of pre-defined folders per customer project. The script also creates and OmniFocus project, then creates an Evernote note with the information of the project. What I thought about doing is also creating a DEVONThink database per project and point it to the directory for indexing. Also would like to COPY the mail associated with a particular project to DEVONThink. The idea is that after I am done with the project I can have all files (indexed), email and URLs associated with that project in one searchable location (database file)

I do not want to MOVE the files into DT (I do not think) since I collect router, firewall and switch configurations etc and I have scripts that start logging to a file location based on today’s date/time ( 20150525-1747-) and then the name of the device I am connected. I do about 70 project a year.

Can anyone tell me if my thinking is flawed on this?

It’s a workable scenario – though with the structure you describe Finder is equally workable. What is the advantage of having a per-project database vs. a database containing numerous projects? I find it a lot easier to manage large databases that contain numerous projects. E.g., if you need to search across databases, or have global smart groups, it’s easier to open one database than 70 :open_mouth:

Just IMO, I find per-project (or per client) databases a good fit for a vend and archive workflow. This data segregation makes it easy to send data for output then archive those projects when production is finished. (I come from a Graphic Arts / Printing bakcground. :smiley: )