Will DT work with my Mac & PC office network?

I have a home office for an advertising company with a mix of Mac & PC computers. I have 13 years worth of customer files stacked in my basement, and I’m out of space. I’m concerned about putting everything into a database that can only be accessed by one computer.

We currently use network storage for our data files. If I scan our paper records into DT with my Mac, will the PC computers be able to search and access PDF’s if the database file is stored on the network?

DEVONthink Pro Office has an in-built web server that will share databases on your local network so that PC and Mac users can search and access all documents (including PDFs) in the database. They will need to use the search box in the DT web interface. Users can upload/download documents to the database through the web interface, and create new RTF notes in the database.

Download the trial and see if this feature works in your situation.