Will DTTG work with Devonthink Pro?

Your documentation only refers to Devonthink and DevonNote.
Am I correct in assuming it will work with Devonthink Pro as well?

If I Print an email with an attachment to Devonthink Pro can I see the attachment in Devonthink to Go or do I have to download the attachment to DevonthinkPro?
If I link the attachment to my hard drive in DTpro can I view it on DTTG?

Suppose there is no way to try DTTG out

Thank you

hi. i am not sure what you are doing, so i cannot answer directly, but if a file is inside your dtpo database, then you can sync it to dttg.

for example, i often save my attachments into a folder indexed by dtpo. from there, i sort them into the appropriate groups. then, in order to view them in dttg, i “replicate” the groups or files to the mobile sync, and sync with my ipad.

you could, of course, import the files into your dtpo database as well and achieve the same thing. the interesting thing to note, though, is that indexed stuff (technically not “in” your database, but recognized) is synced. as far as i know, something that is merely linked from a file (a website or a file on your hard drive) will not sync over, because it is not recognized by the database as anything more than a link at the time of syncing. index or import and it will be there.

hope that helps! and, yes, the documentation for dttg leaves a lot to be desired, in contrast to the generally thorough documentation for dtpo.