Will sandboxing obstruct inter-app Applescript ?

Andy Inhatko for one is feeling uneasy about the implications for Applescript of the AppStore’s imminent sandboxing requirements.

I like to use OmniFocus as a kind of operational front end to my DEVONthink databases, and would be a bit discouraged if instant (scripted) exchange of messages/data between applications was to dry up …

Is there a DEVONtechnologies view of what sandboxing (and other elements of iOssification) mean for the future of scripting ?

At least for now this seems to be only an issue for applications distributed via the Macintosh App Store and therefore it’s another reason not to buy & install software that way. Only the applications available in our shop are the “real” ones, the stuff in the App Store is already crippled and soon sandboxed too.

Anyway, sandboxing shouldn’t have any impact on scripting/automating as long as you’re not executing the scripts/workflows via a sandboxed application.

But it will make it difficult/impossible for applications like DEVONthink to use AppleScript internally, e.g. to retrieve the URL of the frontmost browser window after using services in Safari. Not to mention other, even more severe issues of sandboxing (e.g. filesystem access or usage of AppleEvents).

Is the DEVONagent Pro in the App Store “crippled” as well?

The version in the App Store is DEVONthink Personal, not the Pro version. As Personal does not have AppleScript support, it woud not be impacted by sandboxing the same way that Pro (Office) would be. I would consider Personal to be crippled, given the fact that so much of DEVONthink Pro (Office)'s power comes through its rich scripting support.

Thanks…but I wasn’t asking about DEVONthink. I was asking about DEVONagent Pro in the App Store. I realize DEVONthink in the App Store is the personal version…and “crippled” by the fact that it is not the Pro Office version. I realized when I posted in this thread that it wasn’t a perfect fit considering I was asking about DAP…and this thread is about DT. I thought it was close considering the “crippling” topic…and didn’t want to try to start a new thread though.

Whoops-my bad. I did not notice that your question was about DEVONagent.

Not a problem…as I said…technically I’m not posting in the correct thread…or even forum as this is a DT or DN forum. I just thought one of the dev’s would see it here as it sort of fits