Will the "Save to Devonthink" feature will come back?

We lost the “Save to Devonthink” (to the Finder) feature with this beta. What a pity, I loved it.

Will it come back in the next beta (or final)?

Meanwhile I reactivate the folder action, but that’s not the same.

Save to DEVONthink is the top item under the More submenu of Finder’s context menu on my 10.5.8 systems. I don’t know if it’s different on 10.6.x.

You can run Help > Install Add-ons…, select Contextual Menu Plugin, and click Install to (re)install ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/DEVONthink CM.plugin.

Hmm, I just tried it because the context menue item would indeed be cool, but the option to install the context menu extension is greyed out on my machine on 10.6.1.

Any ideas or is it a known issue?

Contextual menu extensions do not exist anymore in Snow Leopard. However, the Services menu is a much better alternative and works (almost) identical.

yes, I think it’s since 10.6.1.

In the Tips forum, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9506#p44135, Korm suggests adding a DT 2 inbox to Places on the Finder sidebar. That works very well and allows a user easily to save today’s version of a manuscript to the right place (Save-as to that inbox, which he can find by navigating in the save-as dialog box). Previously, I had been saving-as to the desktop and then moving the file into DT, which was error-prone.

I recommend having DT installation put that inbox in Places automatically, but with a name distinguishing it from other uses of “inbox.” Basically, that name could be simply “DT inbox.” That would also make it trivial to delete if a user didn’t want it.

Selecting “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs” in the Install Add-ons dialog (which appears during the first post-install/update launch and when running Help > Install-Add-ons…) does it.

I think it can be renamed in Finder, but that may also change its name in DTP when a default of “DT Inbox” may be undesirable. It’s trivial to delete (i.e. remove from Finder’s sidebar) regardless of the name.

I’d prefer a name like “DTP Inbox” in Finder’s sidebar, but simply “Inbox” in DTP.

Since 10.6.1 this is greyed out. I hope it will come back.