Will there be scripts coming soon for Omniweb 5.5?

There are sneaky peaks of Omniweb 5.5 out and about now, and there will apparently be a public beta soon.

with omniweb 5.5’s transition to omniweb it has picked up the ability to export webarchives! however, there isn’t a script to accomplish such a thing yet.

despite it’s apparent logicalness, applescript it incredibly daunting to me. thus, I’m hoping someone will be able to set us up with some new and exciting scripts based on omniweb 5.5!


I’ve just checked the latest build of OmniWeb 5.5 - it’s still not possible to get the source or web archive of a browser or tab via AppleScript. That’s quite disappointing…

Hi Christian,

I’m using Omniweb 5.5. ‘sneakypeek’ 17. I have no trouble now with the OW use of the DevonThink service to ‘take rich note’ from the browser [cmd-)]

In fact, it started to work for me again in Sneakypeek 16. Hooray!

It’s the reason I’m now back to OW at last after buying a license 3 years ago.