Win7 browsers targeted for an OSX DTP Add-Ons Installation

I just installed the update for DEVONthink Personal on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.8.4 - to version 2.6.1 - and when I selected browser add-ons to be installed, the installers targeted the Windows 7 versions of the browsers and not the OSX versions. This is not at all the behavior I would expect. I use Parallels 8 to run Windows 7, but neither Parallels nor any Win7 applications were running at the time. Any ideas or thoughts?

DEVONthink Install Add-Ons.tiff (93 KB)

This is an annoyance of Parallels – I’ve run into this with and Win8 on P8 and P9. It’s possible to get the extensions here, download, and from the Mac versions of the browser install them.

Thanks. I did so and now have the add-on in FF to play with. Thanks for the reply.