Window behaviour improvement in vertical split view

My favorite view in DT is the Vertical Split view. Being able to quickly view documents without opening a new window I find very handy. What I don’t like is that when I double click on a group folder a whole new window opens, and it seems to often open in list view. What I would like it to do when I double click on a group folder is to automatically make that folder the root folder for that window. DT does this very nicely when going backwards by clicking the the little arrow up button that takes you to the enclosing group. It would be so much nicer if it would behave this same way when burrowing down into a hierarchy as well. I know that holding the option key will automatically close the original window but this makes for erratic window jumping and as I said before DT often switches you to list view. I find all this needlessly confusing and frustrating and time-consuming. If you implement my suggestion you could then have the option key be the modifier to open the group in a new window – which would be more consistent with current Mac behaviour, such as in the Finder. Or, better yet, implement my suggestion and also add a Preferences setting to allow the user to choose “Always open Groups in new windows on double-click” which would make DT behave as it does currently for those who like it the way it is… but my gut feeling is most users would prefer DT to operate as I suggest above…

Hi Moses,

I’ve also requested this feature (see my post Make Root in this forum). Sorry I didn’t see your post first. Option-double-click does at least part of what you want.