Window behaviour

I think I may have requested this before, but I continue to find this important:

I would really like all Groups to remember their own window size and location. Right now they remember only their View mode, and size and location seem to be based on what was last used, on any Group window (?). Basically, I think this is VERY important because most heavy users of DT use it for various tasks, and just as some Views are best suited for certain tasks, so are certain sizes and window placements. Is there anyone else out there who finds it frustrating to open a Group that is in Vertical Split View and it be so small you can’t see the files or the preview because the last group opened was resized to be small (because it made sense for that Group)? I spend too much time resizing and repositioning windows in DT. Eric and Christian, please consider adding this small feature. Is there a good reason not to? Thanks.

Another user has asked about this in the “Tips & Tricks” forum:

When navigating groups, or double-clicking on them. DT seems to remember the view with which I last displayed a record, but it forgets the fact that I adjusted the panes to my liking.

Assuming there is no workaround, I request also that the database remember windowing information, including the adjustments you have made of the panes…


Glad to see others in support of this change. I think it is critical to the UI.

Hi, Father Moses. Good to hear from you.

People use the DT UI in many different ways, and Christian provides flexibility and has responded to many user suggestions.

Currently the group view windows adopt a ‘default’ size and position as established by the user. That’s also true of the document windows for most file types. The user can set the size and placement of e.g. RTF or HTML document windows and most subsequently opened documents will remember that size and position. (PDFs behave differently when opened.)

The Search window, Groups panel and Info panel can be individually sized and positioned.

That floating Groups panel lets one, for example, drag & drop items from a view into a different location, without needing to resize view windows into a side-by-side configuration.

There are times when it’s useful to be able to work with two documents with both in view. I used to place the two documents side-by-side to do that. That required resizing and positioning both document windows. Thanks to a tip from Alexandria, I don’t do that now. A little utility called Afloat (the older, stable version) makes it possible to have two document windows visible, as the window that has been set to float invisibly above the other allows one to read the ‘under’ window, but becomes opaque when the cursor moves onto it. Especially with a small laptop screen that’s easier to read and work with than smaller side-by-side windows.

With hundreds of groups and more than 22,000 documents – and with several views and several document windows open at any one time – I see some virtue to consistency in view and document window size and positioning. Exposé is the magic tool to bring items frontmost when desired.

If there were a user option to ‘lock’ any individual view or document window into a different size and position than the current user-established ‘default’ size and position, would that be sufficient?

Hi Bill,
I didn’t realize the different document types each remembered their own size and position. I suppose it is mostly the Group windows I am dealing with, especially if using the split views, one doesn’t actually have to open a doc window very much. The ability to “lock” any window to remember it’s size, positioning, etc would be an improvement but what I would prefer is a checkbox in Preferences to either “Remember each Groups window size & positioning.” This would allow users to choose, in case the current behaviour is prefered, as you seem to indicate you like it as is. So, to summarize, I think DT should continue to have a default view for each type/Group, but then remember changes that are made to individual windows so the user doesn’t have to resize them again later.

An example of my usage issues with this are:

  1. I have Groups that contain task lists with the status box shown, I usually resize those Group windows small.
  2. After working in those I then open a Group that is fixed to vertical split view, and it too is now small and totally unuseable as neither the list of documents on the left or the document content on the right are readable. I have to first resize the window and then resize the split slider bar to an appropriate location. Would all be so much more efficient if that Group just could remember this, and the other Group could remember to be small.

BTW, I just want to second Bill’s recommendation above to use “Afloat” in conjuction with DT. I have been doing this for months now too, and it is a very useful add on. I have experienced no problems with it.