Window not refreshing when files are _moved_


Each time I move or delete a file I have to change the folder selection to see that the move was actually done. I ended up importing the same files 10 times before realizing that it was imported each time but the window wasn’t refreshing. This is between DB and within the same DB.

Let me add that I am familiar with DTP since version 2.0 (I just upgraded to 3.0).


Interesting. I stopped the application and restarted it. Everything is back to normal and the refresh works as expected!

Welcoe @ldmbis

Glad to hear it!

Also, are you deleting indexed files and emptying the Trash? Note this can lead to puting the file in the Finder in the system Trash. See this…

It was doing it with the trash too, that’s true. I found it really odd as I used DTP for years and never had that issue. But I’m pretty sure that it was not a trash only issue. It was happening with all my folders.

Either way, I’m glad it’s working now.

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