Window not snapping anymore


I wonder what happened with the latest release 3.0.4 so that better touch tool is not able to snap the window anymore. Maybe it’s an issue with better touch tool but to avoid ping pong I’d like to know the change that have been made which could cause that different window behavior.


Actually the window behaviour of version 3.0.4 didn’t change at all.

Hi Christian,
but it’s reproducible on two computers only since the latest version.
As there was no update on better touch tool and every other program is working fine it seems to be obvious that it’s related to the last release. Maybe some kind of changes in framework ?

Is someone other here using BTT who can confirm ?

The only difference is that DEVONthink 3.0.4 was compiled using the latest version of Xcode (11.3.1). Sometimes this can slightly change the behaviour of system frameworks.

Thanx Christian, with that information I can inform BTT to have a look at it.

The window snapping works perfectly for me for DT 3.04. I am using BTT V3.209. Just FYI.
Perhaps you should test whether the function is not working for all apps or just for DT3.04.