Wired sync IPhone to Mac?

I am trying to sync my database from Mac [running Catalina] to IPhone over Bonjour direct WiFi link. The first sync is taking a long time and has restarted a number of times after only partially syncing. What can I do to improve chance of first sync completing? Is it true that Bonjour should work over a USB-lightning cable with Catalina [I tried and it did not seem to work]. In the future will every sync take this long or is it just the first sync due to size? Thanks!

I haven’t found physically connecting my devices to aid in sync time. It takes forever, but doing it by Dropbox or icloud is even slower.

The first sync generally takes the most time.

  • Quit DEVONthink To Go.

  • Put the iOS device in airplane mode.

  • Launch DEVONthink To Go and check the sync location. It should be active and should sync.

Before a sync I usually set the iPhone‘s auto-lock to „never“. Leaving the Preferences.app open reminds me to change auto-lock back afterwards.

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Ok it did sync. It took a few hours, without downloading the items.

For this to be useful, I need to download items. What can I expect if I choose to download all items? Can I download just certain groups? Will indexed items also be downloaded?