Wish: Always open links in system browser

Hello, just a simple preference wish:

I prefer to open webpages in my system web-browser (currently Firefox), and not internally in DTP. I know that you can Cmd-click a link and do this, but I’d like to reverse the setting. So that DTP works like other applications (Mail etc).

Could it be possible with a preference, “Always open external links in system browser”? When this is checked, Cmd-clicking opens internally.

Or maybe better; a choice of what to do when clicking external links:
-Nothing, treat like text
-Open with DTP,
-Open with DT Agent,
-Open with System browser,
-Open with Other (select program)

Thanks, just a wish, I won’t die if it doesn’t happen. But I would be happy :slight_smile:

This is a good idea, but why only for weblinks ? It would be great if we could choose a default behaviour for every type of file : open in DT or open in the default software (according to the file extension).

We could open PDF in Acrobat with a double-click, RTF in Nisus or Word, pictures in Photoshop, etc, to edit them, and then switch back to DT internal viewers to view them (and use the powerful FT “see also” feature).

… and somewhere off in the distance, kalisphoenix howled for simple class inheritance functionality (where he explicitly mentioned this sort of feature).

Seconded! Apparently in 2.0b3 you can right-click and choose “open URL” to use the system browser (I think the wording should be more specific on that option). But it’d be nice to either switch the default behaviors around, or add a modifier key (maybe shift or ctrl+cmd) to open in the sys browser.