Wish list - ability drag and drop URL into Sorter URL field

as far as I understand, only copy paste works, which takes more time IMO.

thank you

Wouldn’t clipping a bookmark be sufficient as the body seems to contain only the title?

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Entschuldigung Christian - there is a misunderstanding. My fault.

I was just giving an example. In this case, yes, I would obviously clip the bookmark.

I use sorter → note when I select text and images from a web site and in addition add my comments in the note. That is the situation I was thinking of.

Therefore taking a rich note using services is probably not an option either as the group selector supports only the possibility to change the title & tags? But at least it would automatically grab the URL.

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This Keyboard Maestro macro works well. Inserts URL and than puts cursor in body.
I am posting it in case it can help some forum members.
Probably possible by AppleScript , but I am not at all at the level of someone like @pete31