Wishlist: Magic Mouse swipe left to right to previous webpage in DT3 browser

Would be very nice to use gestures with my Apple Magic Mouse to navigate within the DT 3 browser (e.g. swipe left to right to backflip to the previous webpage.).

If you don’t want to wait for something like this, I can recommend Better Touch Tool to enable all sorts of gestures for DEVONthink and other apps. Couldn’t even use my Mac without it any more. It also supports the Magic Mouse.

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Nice setup!

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Yeah, it’s really nice, especially for highlighting in different colors.

By the way, it’s great that DEVON has menubar items for different highlight colors. Most PDF apps don’t and DEVON is the only one that works easily with such a setup without downsides.

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Thanks for the nice feedback. :slight_smile:

Tried a little bit with it, but can’t program “swipe one finger left” to go back to the previous page in the browser. (or I don’t get it to work).

I don’t have a Magic Mouse available, but if the setup is correct it should work.
You could try restarting DEVON (and/or BTT), sometimes that’s needed for newly added gestures. Also, try a few different triggers to narrow this down.
If that doesn’t work, shoot the dev an email, I’m sure he will make this work out for you.

Maybe you can post a screenshot of your action? Does it look like the following?

Also, you can check the BTT Live View (View > Show Live View) to see if your gesture is recognized (for any global gesture).

Unfortunately it’s in German

This doesn’t work because the action isn’t set up correctly.
In “Zugewiesene Aktionen”, you need to specify the actual keyboard shortcut that DEVONthink uses to navigate back and forward.

Set it up like the the this and it should work:

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