With 2.5 version, document deleted = another document moved

I have passed one of our macs under devonthink 2.5 to begin to use the dropbox sync feature.
I have uploaded a first local database to dropbox.
Until there, everything seems good.

After that, I have tried to use locally another of our databases.
We receive lots of feeds of blog posts in the reception box of this database.

When I delete one of this html blog posts, the next one is moved out the RSS feed box to the end of the reception box.
When it is a RSS feed file that follows the document I delete, then this RSS feed is sent somewhere else in our database.

I never encountered this kind of behaviour from Devonthink with the previous versions.

In any case, thanks to all your team for all the good work you have done with your solutions! :slight_smile:

I have still my problem with the results of RSS feeds that I can not delete without seeing the next result in the file of the RSS feed moving by itself elsewhere (for instance in the reception box but outside the RSS feed file or elsewhere in another file of the databasis).

I have unstalled DevonThink 2.5 and installed it again. No change. The bug is still there.

I have repaired the databasis. No change. The bug is still there.

Has anyone the same problem?
Has someone an idea to help me?


As it seems I am the only one to have this problem, I would like to download DevonThink 2.4 to be able to go back to my former behavior: DevonThink 2.4 on my different computers, my databases in Dropbox, DevonThink running on only one machine at a determinate time.

I cannot work with one computer with DevonThink 2.5 (with the problems I have with the RSS feeds) and the other computers still in DevonThink 2.4 (and no problem with the RSS feeds)…
How or where can I download DevonThink 2.4?

Some help, an answer for instance, would be greatly appreciated! :confused:

Consider opening a ticket by writing support@devontechnologies.com

My definition is “the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior”…

Umm… what?