Withdrawn - Write Tags to Disk

I’ve found a potentially serious problem with the call to the CLI and have temporarily withdrawn this script until I’ve managed to investigate and revise.

OK, so it doesn’t work for me! :wink:

So I’ll ask a question as to how it is working for you-can you now browse tags in a database with Punakea? If so, can you Quick Look those documents with Punakea, or do you get a DEVONthink icon such as what you get with a Spotlight search of e DT database?

Tried it with Punakea. Mainly use Leap, Spotlight == all OK over here (I use Leap since Punakea crashes a lot :frowning: and Leap is good at looking into packages). Spotlight requires setting up a custom search. Houdah Spot works, but it’s very cranky.

Like I said. It’s experimental; not extensively tested; just a toy; a starting point for someone more adept than me.

With a little more experimenting, I should say that the script is working fine. If I tag a file, reveal it in the Finder, and drag it to Punakea’s drop zone the file does not show any existing tags. If I run the script on the file, then drag it to the drop zone, then the tags applied in DEVONthink are associated with the document.

What I am not getting is the documents to show in a custom Spotlight search or in the Punakea browser. I’ll need to explore further to see what is (not) happening.