Wonky Widgets

I’m getting into the habit of using the widgets regularly, and this is letting me see some odd behavior.

1.) I often can’t write in DEVONjot. I click on the widget, but get no insertion point. I type, but nothing appears. Other times, I’ll come back to Dashboard, and it’ll work fine.

2.) I can’t get back to a blank field in the search widget. Everytime I come back to Dashboard, it contains my last search term, even if I blanked it out. This isn’t a big deal, but it violates my sense of tidiness.

Anyone else have these issues, or any suggestions ?

Just an additional, possibly obvious tip: DEVONjot can be useful without adding to the database. I had something I had to remember for a short period. I wrote it on DEVONjot and then blanked it out when I no longer needed it, all without clicking"Take Note".

I don’t know if this applies to your situation or not, but I had similar problems until I realized I have to click in the very most upper-right hand corner of the widget to get the cursor. When I click in just the right place, I works fine every time. If I try to click anywhere else, no cursor.

I have also noticed that my last search item remains in the search widget. I think this is normal. I sympathize re your sense of tidiness. I have that too.

I generally use a little widget called Notepad for the quicky reminders. But I can see how DEVONjot could work for that too. Thanks!


Thanks ! javascript:emoticon(’:D’)

You’ve hit the nail on the head about jotting. After reading your post, I saw that the pointer changes from an arrow to an i-beam in the top zone of the widget. One has to click there to get the insertion point.

Yeah, it took me a few tries to figure it out. Glad I could help! :slight_smile:


Talking about the widgets (an enclosed manual might have been handy, actually, but let’s just do trial and error for now)…

Anyone knows how to CLOSE the slide out drawer with the search results in the DEVONSearch Widget? It slides open when you click on one of the search results in the window, but tere doesn’t seem to be a way to close it again.

And that upsets my sense of tidyness, too!

I couldn’t figure it out either.

Minor suggestion:

Display the Operator and Comparison settings on the front so you don’t have to flip the widget to view them; especially useful when multiple instances with different settings are running.

Btw, DEVONsearch is probably the most useful widget I’ve tried so far. For example, it’s handy for quickly checking whether or not info I may want to add to a database from Safari is already there without having to switch from Safari to DT.

Nice - but I’d like to see the Devonian Era theme on Devonsearch upgraded to something a little more contemporary and easier to read.