Won't authenticate

Hi everyone – Devonthink doesn’t recognize my password anymore. My hard drive recently died, so I tried opening the database on a friend’s computer (after installing DevonThink), but it won’t recognize the password. I’m in a panic because over the last year or so, I enthusiastically transferred all my notes to DevonThink, thinking it was the greatest program in the world (when will I learn?). Any help in opening my database would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you set a password in the Database Properties panel, or do you mean that DT needs to be registered in order to open a database? If the latter, (and if you are able to access the email account you used when purchasing the registration) go to http://www.devon-technologies.com/support/index.php and – under the heading of "Lost our license code? – enter that email address. You will receive an email with your license code.

If it is a password problem, please send an email to DEVONtechnologies Support and we will try to get you up and running.

Personally, I don’t use passwords. :slight_smile: