Won't import bookmarks

hi there, I’m a newbie but went thoroughly through the tutorial database. This should be a simple process, but when I choose to import bookmarks from Firefox, DT makes a folder for Firefox but doesn’t import any bookmarks. Anyone got any ideas?

just a PS, DevonAgent is supposed to use my Firefox Bookmarks but it won’t register them either.

Have you modified Firefox’s bookmarks structure? Some users have reported that kills direct import.

Alternatively, you can export your Firefox bookmarks as an HTML page, which can be imported to DT/DT Pro.

thanks for the reply. I gave up on importing Firefox’s bookmarks to DT and DA, so I imported them to Safari, and then to DT. However, I cannot import bookmarks from any program into DAgent. The import section under file does not allow the selection (i.e. the choices are all in grey print).

p.s. There isn’t a such thing as a bookmarks toolbar for DA is there?

Almost nine years later, I have exactly the same problem with DA, which refuses to import my Firefox bookmarks. I did export them as an HTML file, but how can I import it into DA?

And under File > Import > Bookmarks everything remains greyed out.

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See blog.devontechnologies.com/2011/ … bookmarks/

Did you enable DEVONagent’s bookmarks, see Preferences > Bookmarks?