Word count discrepancies between apps…

I’m finding that the word count in Dt is a bit inflated compared to the other apps that have word count in them as well. I’ve broken down a couple of doc’s with different apps to show this:

Doc #1
• MultiMarkdown Composer: 791 words
• Marked: 790 words
• Ulysses: 790 words
• DEVONthink: 797

Doc #2
• MultiMarkdown Composer: 833 words
• Marked: 837
• Ulysses: 837
• DEVONthink: 846

Doc #3
• MultiMarkdown Composer: 885 words
• Marked: 882
• Ulysses: 882
• DEVONthink: 894

So you see DEVONthink has a bit of an inflated word count and that makes me curious as to why because I often need to submit entries based on word count and I’d rather go with the more conservative count than the inflated version if that’s possible.

Thanks for the consideration!

This thread on the Scrivener forum might be informative. Seems that different programs use different word count algorithms.
literatureandlatte.com/forum … d+#p181524

Thank you Kinsey for the link.

I’m just wondering if I may humbly request for Dt’s algorithm be changed to be closer to the more conservative numbers?