word documents

I want to keep all my documents for a project in DEvon think. If I edit a word document in devonthink how can I update this document in the original folder on my hard drive?

You can set DT to monitor a folder on your HDD and sync it any given time with the DB. Saving the file will save to the folder.
The DT DB is a folder you can explore via right-click “show package contents” containing all your files in their original format, so it’s never lost or unavailable should you leave DT.

For Word (Excel, Powerpoint, etc. etc.) documents stored in DT, use the Open With command found in the contextual (right click) menu or the Data menu. The document opens in its native editor (Word). When saved, it’s safely saved back to the location in your database.

Your main toolbar can be customized to add the icon named “open externally”. Clicking that will open any selected document(s) in their native editor. .doc or .docx will open in Word. Right click on any grey portion of the main toolbar, select Customize Toolbar, and drag that icon to the toolbar.