Word Documents

My question is about word documents.

How do you zoom in for reading. Word documents are generally quite small on the screen and View|Zoom in is greyed out for Word documents. I can zoom in on PDF’s

I don’t really want to launch word (because that is always painful) so I tend to use the text viewer in Pathfinder. However really I would love to stay in Devonthink and not have to launch an external application.

The only possibility right now is to switch to the alternate view (e.g. via the View menu or via the navigation bar above the document), afterwards zooming will be available.

That’s great. That is exactly what I was after. I didn’t know you could switch to text alternative, and then zoom.

I am amazed how I am always learning with this program. The learning curve is never ending!

Has this been updated in the intervening six years? I am considering using DEVONthink with a corpus that includes many complexly formatted Word Documents, and viewing as alternative text loses most of the structure. I realize I could convert them all to PDF but that has other disadvantages.