Word export?

After I completed the first draft of a report with DT Pro, I merged the 20 items (RTF) which I had created in one 20,000 word-long document and decided the export it in order to edit it for producing my first draft.

I decided it would be nice to export as Word, since I need to produce the document in Word format. It went well… but Word refused to open the document, it was just impossible.

I deleted it and re-exported as RTF. Then Word could open open the document without any problem.

No big trouble indeed: it then takes two secunds to convert RTF into Word. But I just wanted to make sure: is there just no possibility to export directly to Word?

I am pleased to see I have used DT Pro very extensively these past few weeks in order to prepar a report summarizing contributions from 8 people, which meant working both with their contributions and with my summary withint the DT Pro environment, and I am very pleased with the stability and reliability of the product: no problem at all!

Maybe the Word exporter of Mac OS X is buggy, maybe Word is buggy. But probably both of them :wink:

What does “merged the 20 items” mean? How exactly did you do this? Did you Select All and try to export? Did you open a new RTF document and drag in the 20 items? Are they all in the same font and size?

My guess is that your procedure or the doc you created is too complex for Word to filter. I’ve never had any problem with the Word export in DTP, but I’ve only used it for one document at a time, and invariably in my defalut font, Times New Roman 12-point.

Probably via “Data > Merge” (this command creates a new document containing all selected contents).

Correct! via “Data > Merge”. This is the way I did it, since it seemed to be the most appropriate and consistent one. My RTF documents were nearly entirely in Times Roman 16, except for two documents which included some other fonts. As mentioned, the export in RTF went instantly and without any problem.

(By the way, a small remark about the French localization: when I merged the 20 items, I got the following name for the new document thus created: “20 documents fussioné” - it should be “20 documents fusionnés”. This is really a detail, but you could keep it on a To Do list, for the next time you improve the French localization.))

The glitch will be fixed in v1.1 :wink: