Word import trouble

Is there a resource somewhere that may explain why a Word document might fail to import/index? It’s a pretty basic document with a few embedded graphics.


Are your OS X Services enabled for DEVONthink? Some people seem to need to reboot after installing DEVONthink (and other programs) before Services become available.

The Cocoa text hooks in 10.3.x and above should ‘open’ an RTF version of the Word document. Can you do that in TextEdit?

Take a look at DEVONtechologies’ freeware OS Services utilities at http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/shareware.php. Perhaps WordService will solve your problem.

Hi! I just installed DevonThink Professional and am trying to create a database from a large collection of Word files which contain text and some graphics (.jpgs). Several of the files are failing to import. A spot check of some of these files shows they won’t open in TextEdit either. I’ve installed WordService 2.6.1 and restarted, deleted the database and imported the files again, with no improvement. I’m running 10.3.9 on an eMac 1GZ system. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This tool is perfect for mining information from our hundreds of report files, but not if all of them can’t be imported!


Jennifer Marden


DEVONthink uses the Word converter of Mac OS X and that explains why both DEVONthink and TextEdit can’t open some documents. Converting the documents to a more up-to-date Word format (e.g. WordML) or upgrading to Tiger might solve the issue.