Word Services: custom insert possible

I know this is free software and you are probably busy with DEVONthink. But what I would really like is a Word Service that let’s you define a custom text together with a date to insert. So one could add headers, footers and signatures. Examples:


Paris, France
16. April 2004
Mengo Xon

or Signatures:

Mengo Xon
Snow Road
11111 Godthavn

etc. That would be really handy!  ;D

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe there will be some customized texts in a future release (or maybe in a different solution - services have to be invisible IMHO but customization requires a user interface) but don’t expect this release in the near future.

I’m no programmer, but WordServices could read the custom text from a plain text file which the user could edit himself with variables for different date formats.

WordService could do this but most users wouln’t notice this (e.g. most users don’t know that it’s easy to modify the menus and shortcuts although it’s described in the ReadMe). Personally I prefer a user interface to customize things - editing config files is like using DOS :slight_smile:

Agreed, I am one of the few users who DOES read readmes (but only if I am looking for features which I did not discover by trial-and-error), so for me that solution would be better than no solution.
Anyway, it’s your choice.

I am very dumb perhaps… but could you explain better?


I did read the readme…

What exactly? BTW: This thread is 17 years old.

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