Word Services in Tiger's Mail.app

I am having trouble getting Word Services to work properly in Tiger’s Mail.app. No matter what I do, I can’t get services to use the pasteboard. Whether I select a string or copy it, the pasteboard returns an older copy/cut string I used – totally unrelated to the selected string and nothing to do with the feature of Word Services I chose. I’ve already reported this to Apple’s feedback but needed a sanity check. Anybody here experiencing the same problem?

I’m not sure about your question here because I’m not finding anything in my services that use a ‘pasteboard’ but it may be I’m misunderstanding you. I’m having a problem with the services in the Tiger (10.4.1) mail app also and I wonder if it is related. For example: I received an HTML formatted receipt from Paypal via email. I want to save it to my online receipts folder in DEVONthink. So I clicked in the html section of the email, command-a to select all, then used Services -> Take Rich Note. It went to DT properly, was even classified into my online receipts folder properly (that aspect of DT just keeps getting better and better for me). However, I decided I wanted to select part of the text of this document in DT and copy it. No matter where I clicked in the document to select text it immediately launched the associated URL in Safari. I didn’t have to click on the link embedded in the document or the url bar. Anywhere in the document would launch Sarari. Eventually I gave up, deleted it and printed it to DT instead. Anybody have any ideas on this?


I’m not sure what to make of your problem. I hope you can get some help.

To answer your question, “pasteboard” is the Cocoa facility that makes the Clipboard work. Word Services uses it when you select text to be formatted as in “change this mixed case phrase to all caps” and “remove line endings.” I use the last one a lot to fix ugly text I receive in emails.

Oh, Ok, thanks! Actually I used the ‘remove line endings’ service just yesterday but not in mail…hmmm, Ok I remember, I pasted some text into NoteTaker and it wasn’t right so I used that service and it fixed it. Are you having this issue in anything but mail?


No, the problem occurs only in Mail.app. At least for me. Can you do me the favor and try it in Mail? (I assume you’ve installed Tiger.)

Yes, 10.4.1. Have you upgaded to the .1 version yet? Could you tell me the particulars of what you were doing so that I can try to exactly replicate it to the exent possible?


just type a word in lower case, select it, and pull down

 Mail>Services>Convert>All Caps

You should get that word in All Caps. When I do that I get whatever I last copy or cut.

OK. I have exactly the same problem that you do! The last item in the clipboard pasted in and replaced the text.

Christian? Bill? Help!



Have been nosing through Apple’s Support pages and note a lot of problems reported with Mail under 10.4 and 10.4.1. We’ve recently gotten several queries on the DT Support site about problems with Services in Mail.

10.4.2, anyone?

Yes, I’d be really surprised if this wasn’t a Tiger/Mail problem rather than something else.