Word tables with links

When I import a table from Word into DTPro (1.0.2), any row that has a link in it loses its columns and the text from all the columns of that particular row is all together in one paragraph.

Is there any way to keep this from happening?

(My apologies if this has already been addressed.)

Sorry, there’s not currently any remedy for that. DT Pro uses Apple’s Cocoa text operations and that’s what Apple has done. :slight_smile:

Note that when you import a Word document, only the text is captured and the document is not copied into the database. The original Word file remains in its external Finder location. So don’t throw away your Word files if you intend to edit or print them. To open the document under Word, select the toolbar Actions button and chose Launch Path.

Thanks, Bill. I was expecting something along those lines. :frowning:

If I can, I’ll link the table docs so when I click on them they open in Word, not DTPro. (Is that possible? I haven’t looked yet.)

All or your text captures of Word documents retain the Path to the original .doc file, which resides (I hope) on your hard drive in the location it was in when you did the text capture.

So, in DT, just select your document, choose the toolbar Actions button, then choose Launch Path. Your document will open in Word. If you edit the document, be sure to save the new version using Save As, and then import the revised version into DT.

I would like this to change – I would like the Word document copied to the DT database. DT is inconsistent in how it behaves – I can have it pull in PDFs, images, etc., but Word files can’t be pulled in – they are linked to.

I want all my data in a “blob” inside the database folder – that way it’s portable and I can sync to a second machine. As is now, this breaks things (and I must put files in their “permanent” location before I ever import them).

Any chance this can be fixed? I’ll note DT’s preferences are rather confusing – there are really 3 or 4 different places where you need to specify what to do with files by file type: “general files,” images, PDFs, and QuickTime movies each have their own tab, for example.

One other example of something that is sorta broken… if I say take an image in a mail message and drag it to DT, a temporary file is created in /private/var/user501/temporary/…/…/image.jpg. And DT Pro links to that. That’s not gonna work, as on reboot that folder is guh-guh-gone!


Like you, I prefer my data to be inside the database or database Files folder so that it’s easier to move to another computer if I wish.

The Preferences options for imports will be somewhat simplified in the forthcoming update of DT Pro to version 1.1.

When version 2.0 is released it’s likely that Word files will be copied to the database package via Files & Folders import mode. If desired, the user will still be able to link externally to files via the Index import mode.

Re images from mail messages: If I drag an image from an Entourage message to the floating Groups panel, it is imported according to my image preferences. If I’ve set preferences to copy images to my database Files folder, the Path shows that was done.

If I drag an image file from the list of attached files in a Mail message, its Path shows it’s stored in a temporary folder, as you noted. That’s not good, but that’s the way Apple has set up Mail. So don’t do that. We can’t do anything about that.

However, if I drag the image itself from the Mail message to the floating Groups panel, the image really will be stored in your database. So do it that way. :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

I am dragging the image itself to the floating groups panel, and I am getting the link. I see the images inline in the mail message. So I’m not sure what’s different about our setups.

If I create a new RTF message and then drag the image into the RTF, it comes over okay. But I’m not convinced that’s what I want.

I am using Mail.app, and not Entourage. So want to make sure we’re clear on what client I’m using.

Hi, CatOne:

I’ve got DT Pro Images preferences set to copy images to the database package Files folder.

I mailed myself a Joy of Tech cartoon. In Mail, the image was displayed in the body of the message. I selected it and dragged the highlighted image onto the floating Groups panel. In DT Pro, it shows up as an image document, and here’s the Path: /Volumes/Star3/WBD Active Databases/DT Pro Main 060115.dtBase/Files/pastedGraphic.tiff

So that image was properly copied into my database.

The only thing I might worry about would be image file names like “pastedGraphic.tiff” that are not unique. Mail doesn’t seem to “know” the names of images dragged from the body, even if a name is assigned in the Attachments list. Entourage, on the other hand (and most other applications, I suspect) “knows” the name of the displayed image in HTML messages.

So it’s working for me. Caveat: I’m using DT Pro 1.1 beta 11. But I don’t think this behavior has changed since the last public release, 1.0.2.

There’s actually a minor difference: Dragging means importing and therefore v1.1 always copies images or PDF documents (contrary to v1.0.x which depends on the preferences).

By the way, v1.1 will not only simplify preferences a lot but also make indexing compatible to Phrase and Wildcards searching (and will feature a revised search window too).