Word tool and groups?

I am trying to use the word tool to get a single list of words for multiple documents in a group, but with no luck. I am thinking that I may have to create a new database with just those documents in the group and then use the Concordance tool, but I would rather not do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You could select all the documents, merge them, then use the words tool on the resulting merged document. Merge will skip over some document types (i.e., won’t merge a mmap with a pdf).

Thanks! I will give that a try.

I want to do this with documents I have replicated into a group. Will the merge affect the original documents? I am thinking not, but would rather not find out the hard way.

I have documents in this group that are .doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, and .html

Is it possible to merge all those or should I consider exporting to a text, rich text, or Word file?

Thanks for your help

Merge creates a new document and does nothing to the originals. Replication doesn’t affect the merger (though the new document is not a replicant of anything).

Hard to forecast what the result of merging multiple document types is. Really, just try it. Nothing will break.

The clue will be in the name DT assigns the merged document. If you select 10 documents and the new document is named “9 merged documents” by DT, then you know something is missing, but not what.

Doing this merge to get your word count is all just a kludge.

I ended up copying the documents in the target group and creating a new database then creating a concordance. The merged document option worked well enough except the final document was taking way too long to open.