Word wrap and Column Size -- works fine in the tutorial!

I’ve noticed that the tutorial file for sheets has one field – Column A – that appears larger than the rest. It “travels” several lines down the page.

But I’ve been unable to get my own sheets to do this.

I’ve also been unable to get columns in my sheets to word wrap.

This must be something obvious, but after a good half hour of searching and experimenting, I’m stumped. I’d appreciate any help.

I have also not found a way to do a true word wrap. I have been able to use a workaround to simulate it however. By typing text and then doing an option-return, I have been able to get the line to break and in sheet-view, this produces a multiple line column entry. You will have to close the sheet and then reopen it to see this effect. Hope this is what you were looking for.

I downloaded the latest DT Pro beta this morning and … voila … I have word wrap!

– Is this what happens when I open and close a record?

– Is this the new Beta … or because I had opened and closed a record by installing the new version.

– Is this what happens when I use the trick? On a fresh field I followed your advice, and it worked fine … I had wrap/multiple lines.

Apologies for not tracking my choices more closely.