Words of encouragement!

Just wanted to say that after completing my trial period, I have purchased Devonthink Pro. I have tried or looked at a large range of document managers and am really impressed with DT so far. I’m also impressed with the customer support on these forums. Keep up the good work! And keep improving the app :slight_smile: One large improvement (or potentially a plugin or something) would be the ability for DT to pull document metadata in the way that citation managers do. That would really bring it to the next level!


Thank you for the nice feedback! In case of documents containing a digital object identifier (DOI) this should be already possible using a smart rule and the script Download Bibliographic Metadata.

I don’t think the documents contain a DOI. Other citation apps search databases based on the name of the document, and you can choose the best match from there.

Is there a description, how to it?

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Thanks Christian, but where will I find the Bibliographic Metadata? In the metadata-field? Do I have to prepare the section?

Oh, it worked already, just by importing it in the database. That’s cool.