Words with Zero Weight?

(I previously ran across this issue, and I believed I fixed it by re-importing my database. This time, it would be a bit harder to do that.)

I have two words that are in my concordance that I can’t search for: in this case “micromontage” and “micromanaged.” I’m assuming that their assigned weight of “zero” has something to do with this:

How can I correct this issue so that when I search for “micromontage” I get results?

Thanks, Charles

Strange. I just copied your post into a database and can search for “micromontage” and find your post.

In my Concordance the word is assigned a weight of 41. Normally, words like ‘the’ and ‘and’ are assigned a weight of zero.

What happens if you check “Alphanumeric”? What happens if you Rebuild the Concordance?

Have you recently run Tools > Verify & Repair on the database?

Hi Bill-

It gets weirder. I sat down to pursue your suggestions this morning, and opened the database in question. Everything is fine now without me doing anything!

Not sure how to react to that…

FYI: there’s nothing on the subject in the Console logs from DTPO.

Best, Charles