WordService - Capitalize w/o uncapitalizing others

I just got WordService to help with Mail on my Mac. I want the program to capitalize the first word in the sentence for me as I type, but the Mail software doesn’t have that built in, like in Entourage. So, at first, all I could do was use the substitution setting on my mac to capitalize ‘i’ to ‘I’ and then I found WordService. Now, after the instillation, I type away, select all when I’m done, but when I click on ‘Initial Caps On Sentences’ all the 'I’s go back to 'i’s and any mid-sentance capital goes back to lower case. Am I missing a step? Is there a setting to help with this? I know I could just learn to type better, but I used Entourage for 7 years and that plus Word fixing capitalizations on the fly, I am now just SOL. I hope someone can help. Thanks for your time.

Looks like a bug here but I am curious…

Why are you typing capital I’s in mid-sentence but not at the beginning?

I will file a bug because this is converting the capitals to lowercase but I agree with you…


Thanks for anything you can do! I appreciate it!

as for this…

I just meant that any capital letter outside of the first letter of the sentence will go back to lowercase. (Even the self-changing one of ‘i’ to ‘I’ (as in “You know, I don’t know.”)) Or if a person’s name falls in the middle of a sentence, the first letter reverts back to lowercase. And to clarify, it’s not any ‘I’ it’s the solo ‘i’ referring to myself…and it remains capital if the ‘I’ is at the start of the sentence…the bug isn’t isolated to just the ‘i’.

Yeah…I’m a product of my own laziness! haha! :laughing:
But seriously, thanks for looking into that…will you let me know if there is a fix or update? Meanwhile, I’ll start taking some online typing classes! :smiley:

Also, I was just playing around and it seems it will only capitalize after a period. Not after question marks or exclamation points. That seems odd to me too. Oh, and it leaves the letter after an ellipses, which is good…but if there are only two dots…it adds a space and a capital letter. I hate to be the complainer, but I figured if you were looking into it, you’d like to know this too.

Sorry for the problems. :confused:

No worries, this is all good stuff to pass along to the developers. Cheers!