WordService "how-to" question

I have WordService 2.5.1 on a G4 Mac OS X 10.2.8.
I am trying to use it for the first time.
It is residing in a “Services” folder in the
“Library” folder for my user identity on the

What I am trying to accomplish is the following:

Remove posts from the Internet, remove the line
breaks, shorten the line length, then add new line
breaks at the end of the now-shorter lines.

I have been able to accomplish the first
part by copying the text into TextEdit,
highlighting it, and choosing Reformat from the
Format choices under Services in TextEdit.

Then I’ve shortened the line length via the margin
slider in TextEdit, but I cannot seem to figure
out how to set these new line lengths. When
I copy-and-past them back into the Internet,
the lines become longer again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


TextEdit performs only a soft-wrap (doesn’t add link breaks) and therefore you might have a look at other text editors (like TextWrangler or SubEthaEdit).

Thank you, Christian. Very helpful reply.

(I was trying to use TextEdit to do what I had
been doing with Metapad when I was running Windows:
removing line breaks, resizing line lengths, and
then reinserting new line breaks. I will stop
trying to do that with TextEdit now that I know
that inserting line breaks is not one of its

Best, Sunny