WordService in Lion


We have been unable to get WordService installed in Lion. Does it not work with Lion? If so, how? We are desperate for it… :smiley:


Make sure that the service is copied to ~/Library/Services.

Then open up System Preferences and go to the Keyboard preferences and click the Keyboard Shortcuts button.

Select “Services” in the left-hand pane, and you should be able to see the WordService services listed with checkboxes next to each one. Check the checkboxes for the services you want to use.

You might need to log out and back in to get them to work.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. We had to make a Services folder, but after that, we got it working. Thank you!

I’m also having problems getting WordService to work.

I have downloaded and placed Wordservice in ~/library/services

I logged off and logged on

Then I opened Text Edit and checked services to see if it was there. Nothing?

Does log off and log on really mean “shutdown and restart” or log off and on?

Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Running Lion 10.7

WordService is not one service but a set of 10 services (list). You might need to activate some, or all of them in System Preferences > Keyboard > Services > Text. The services will appear in the application’s Services submenu, or in the Services contextual menu, when the service is available. For example, the “change case” service will appear in menus when you’re in a text file and have selected some text.

Thank you. thats the one step I missed.

Hello there,

Running OS 10.8.1 When I initially copied the service to ~/Library/Services, then logged out and back in the Library directory was missing! I restarted and the same applies. I checked in System Preferences > Keyboard > Services > Text and found the service that I wanted. Checked the boxes and restarted. Tested with Mac mail and still no good. So 2 questions:

  1. Where did the Library directory go?
  2. What am I doing wrong?

From OS X 10.7, the ~/Library folder is hidden. See here to unhide it. The Library doesn’t hide itself – maybe you logged out as one user and logged back in as another user? A user for whom the Library was never unhidden.

Believe me, if ~/Library was really missing, you’d never have been able to use the computer. :wink: