Work timer

First, thank you for the macheist promo. I was using the demo version conservatively and am now considering the upgrade to pro.

Apologies if this has already been requested (I searched but didn’t see anything) - I routinely like to track how long I work on certain projects for a variety of reasons and although I know I can use dedicated work timers to track/log/export/import into Devonthink, it would be great if there was a way to have this built into the actual program. Ideally something that would allow me to not only break it down by project (say project A, project B), but a specific task as well (writing, research).

Regardless, I’m impressed by the software and thank you for the time you’ve dedicated thus far.

tincup-- not sure what timers you use right now, but I quite like, which tracks time by application, but also can assign specific tasks to specific windows within an application. That type of productivity stuff seems to me to be a bit out of focus for Devon, especially with so many good tools out there for free…