Work with rich text and links

  1. I understand that it is the fault of Chrome that we don’t have a contextual menu “capture as rich text document”. But this should not prevent DT from creating a RTF automatically even if it cannot retrieve fonts and formats. Right now, we have to convert the text document in a rtf manually after import. Why not adding "capture as a rtf’ even if it will be standard format

  2. How can you easly drag a document in a RTF in order to get at that place a link to that document and NOT a copy inside the document? Right-click on a highlighted text passage “add a link” ist still a spinning wheel session… And even if it is popping up at once, there is no way to search , you have to manually choose a document within the database, instead of drag and drop in a “Link” Area as you can do it in a PDF

Both services and the sharing extension depend on the data provided by the current application (and are disabled by the system if it’s unavailable). However, you could also capture plain notes and automatically convert them using smart rules.

Via Cmd-Alt drag & drop if the document is already in a database.

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thank you

Could you please help me quickly to build the smart rule?

E.g. like this:

You might have to change the search scope or add more conditions to ensure that only the desired notes are converted.

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thank you very much

sorry, the smartrule doesn’t work. The note is not appearing in DT although there has been a reaction. Two problems seem to be linked to this:

  1. It is still not clear what the difference is in the rightclick menu “Add a plain note” and “take a plain note”, this seems to act on the behavior
  2. Please, where can i change the french user interface to english user interface? The translations in French are only partially present, and seem also to be very misleading, especially if one follows your advices

3)Where are the missing notes? They are even not in the trash?

Thank you

PS: Now it works but only with “TAke”. I killed the “Add” item in the rightclikc menu, this takes notes who disappear in a strange matter.

Appending a plain/rich note appends the selection to the last taken note.

This can be customized in System Preferences > Language & Region > Apps.

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OK, but unfortunately right click menus are still in French, even after reboot.
Please, what is the exact menu items in English “take a note” “add a note”

That’s completely controlled by the system.

These are the full names of the take/append plain/rich notes services:

DEVONthink 3: Take Plain Note
DEVONthink 3: Append Plain Note
DEVONthink 3: Take Rich Note
DEVONthink 3: Append Rich Note

So these should be renamed in FRench (Append Plain Note = Ajouter à dernière note texte = Append TO LAST plain note. EVen in ENglish i find it confusing but this perhaps as i am not native ENglish speaker.