Workaround for a bit quicker selection of columns to show/hide (via Paletro)


if one uses multiple sets of columns in DevonThink for different workflows, there currently is no way to save these as sets. So it’s necessary to select the columns to show/hide individually from the list of available columns, which can be somewhat inefficient.

I found a workaround that improves this a bit, by using an app called “Paletro”. This app, when invoked through the hotkey, allows entering a keyword to find any available command in DevonThink.

To hide/show a column field, one can just enter the title and press return. In my experience, this is a bit faster than right-clicking the column and selecting/deselecting the field from the list. Paletro is also useful in general in combination with DevonThink.

Here’s an example for hiding/displaying the Aliases column. I invoked the Paletro dialogue (seen on the screenshot) and typed in “Aliases”. Hitting return now will show/hide the column:

It also works with custom metadata fields.

I would also be interested in other solutions for optimizing this, please share :slight_smile:


Bought and used it for more than a year. Almost immediately became one of the most heavily used app. Other one would be launchbar