Workaround to sync / upload Global Inbox to DEVONThink Personal?

I understand DTTG only syncs Global Inbox to DEVONThink Pro Office.

If that’s correct and I want to sync the documents collected in DTTG in my DEVONThink Personal on my Mac then the only possible workaround is exporting the documents to some cloud service and manually add them to DEVONThink Personal. Is this correct? Or is there any workaround?

Been using DT since 2004 and DTTG since 2017 but for different purposes so I wasn’t really interested in syncing them… until now.

I will appreciate your answers,


Just as I finished writing the post I noticed I could create a folder in my Personal database already synced from DT Personal to DTTG, move all the files from DTTG Global Inbox and a few minutes later the files were synced to DevonThink Personal. A bit cumbersome but seems to work!

You do know the 2.x line has been out of development for well over a year and superseded by DEVONthink 3, don’t you?

Yes, I do, but it’s expensive for me to upgrade.