Workflow advice or best practise


i’m using DEVONthink on a Mac for years and i’m loving it. Mostly (90%) i’m just storing and organising links in smart groups.

I’ve purchased DTTG2 a few weeks ago, to be able to have my infos always with me or be able to collect infos when i’m not in front of the Mac. The first disappointment was the lack of smart groups. Instead of the “magic” sorting of all my files in the right folders i’m working now with “real” folders and have to put every single file always in the right folder to have the same structure on the Mac and the iPhone.

But what really drives me crazy is the fact, that i can’t choose one of these folders when i’m using the “Clip to DEVONthink” function in the share menu in iOS 10. The “Database” entry is greyed out and the only possibility is the “Global Inbox”.

Could please someone tell me how to add the links that i find to my specific folders in the database? Or is there a completely different workflow for this and i’m doing something wrong all these years? :open_mouth: :wink:


Smart Groups are currently unavailable in DTTG2. iOS ≠ macOS so there are different underlying technologies between DT and DTTG2.

Also, no you can’t select an internal group with the clipping extension. Again, not the same tech under it.

If you’re having a problem selecting other databases, could you please start a Support Ticket by selecting DEVONthink To Go 2’s Help > Contact Us? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply, BLUEFROG!

Sorry for the harsh words, but so DTTG2 is nearly useless for me. It makes no sense for me, to save links in DTTG and not be able to sort these links and put it in the right folders.

What should i do? Just save the links, make a sync, and after that open DEVONthink on my Mac and put it there in the folders?


You can move records around inside the database via the Organize menu. You can also left swipe and Choose More to access the Organize functions.