Workflow for scan to pdf

Ive just got a fujitsu scanner and using it to scan to pdf - to a scanned files folder
I end up with heaps of files named xxx00001-xxx0000400 etc
I drag all the files to devon think

then i create groups within devon think - relabel the files in devon think
and drag them into the groups
eg for finances- i separate into phone bills, loans, banks etc

now can i set devon think to import all the files into the database - or are they just links to the originals
Now that its all rearranged in the database - can I get it to rename the originals to the names in DT

or do I have to export - if i export wont I have 2 sets of files - the originals xxx00004 and the relabeled ones exported

I just want one set of files - labeled properly
Id appreciate the help and wonder if others have tips on this scenario

This should be possible via the script „Scripts > Path & URL > Rename Files & Folders“ but due to a minor bug of the “filename” AppleScript property, this does not work in v1.1.x. However, the next release will fix this.