Workflow for Updating an Imported Database

For various reasons, including having an archive in a DT3 database in additional to backups, I have re-started a DT3 database of a large folder and imported rather than indexed the files I will not delete the originals. My question now, is there a recommended workflow for keeping the DT3 database updated by importing new additions to the source folder without having to reimport the entire folder and without creating multiple duplicates? I have searched the forum and could not find an answer.

DEVONthink doesn’t support this, therefore the only option would be to import the folder again and again which might require of course a lot of time depending on the size of the folder.

Thank you, I appreciate the information. Guess I will have to take a different approach.

Do you realize such a mechanism wouldn’t update imported files, e.g., if you changed a file in the Finder folder it would have no effect on the document in DEVONthink?

Affirmative, I realize that. I was looking for more of an archive. However, as I have been informed that DT3 does not support importing only new files I have gone back to indexing and back to the drawing board with what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for the information.

I wish that I was 100% confident that I could import the files into DT3 and then delete the originals but I just am not at that point.