Workflow - Fountain script editing w Editorial/VS Code

Thought I would write up a quick description of my workflow for film/tv script editing using DT/DTTG to keep track of the files and Editorial (iOS) and VS Code (MacOS) to edit and print PDFs.

Editorial for iOS can use a Dropbox folder to store files. On iPhone and iPad I can open the .fountain files from within Editorial, edit scripts and make PDFs for distribution.
In DT/DTTG the Editorial folder in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Editorial is indexed so I can keep the scripts inside their indexed folder, in a Production database alongside story notes and production information and research.
In DT/DTTG I have one markdown document (replicated to a couple of places) that is basically an index of links to all the most recent versions of the .fountain and PDFs of each scripts. Keeping that index up to date is a good way to keep track of what needs to be done and what has been accomplished.
For MacOS I use Visual Studio Code with a Fountain plug-in that also defaults to looking at the Editorial folder. (I used to use Atom the same way but Microsoft bought Github and killed it, guess who makes Visual Studio Code?)
In either iOS or Mac OS, when I get to the point of exporting a PDF, the PDF goes into DT alongside the notes and research.

Overall this slightly convoluted set up is actually pretty frictionless and especially on an iPad I can really get up to a good speed without distractions.
DevonThink really shines in keeping everything in one place regardless of format (links, notes, picture, scans, scribbles, etc.)
It’s taken me a while to get this working and to get a handle on what software should be used for what but I like where I am at.
Thanks to the DevonThings for making this possible.


Thanks for sharing. We’re happy to be a part of your process :relaxed: