Workflow using bibtex, DT v. DT Pro

Hi All,

I am new to the forum. I am a PhD student, currently using Devon Think standard to annotate about 200 books which I am preparing for my examination to advance to candidacy. I am hoping this data will serve as the start of a brain trust that I can grow and use into my dissertation and beyond. I usually use LaTeX to write papers so I keep bibtex entries for each book as plain text files in my DT database that I can copy into a LaTeX file. Typically, I have a folder for each book and within the folder some notes, long quotes, and the bibtex code. The folders are grouped into sub-themes and more general themes with additional notes at each level.

I noticed in the feature comparison between DT and DT Pro that there is more advanced BibTex integration in DT Pro, in the form of sheets. I also read this earlier post which mentions something about being able to maintain bibtex entries as separate cards. I downloaded DT Pro to test this out and can see that bibtex comes in as structured, which is nice but not quite what I was expecting (although I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting). I’m wondering about things like this:

  • Is there a way to leave little bibtex snippets all over the database and then gather them together at the point of needing to compose a bibliography?
  • Is there a way to link a single record within a “sheet” to a group or file, ie link different books to their corresponding folders of notes and other bits?
  • Are there other usage scenarios involving bibtex out there that people can share and do they demonstrate something that I’m missing about the benefits of the structured import? I’m trying to figure out whether to upgrade to pro.

Thanks in advance for your input.


That’s not (yet) possible, only vice versa.