workflow when scanning multiple documents


I usually sit down to scan multiple documents. Currently I have ‘set attributes’ turned on so that I can adjust the filename, tags and creation date. What I don’t like about this is that OCR of the next document appears to stall while it waits for my to type into the dialog. Would it be possible to have OCR continue in the background?

Alternatively, I could turn off ‘set attributes’, but it isn’t clear to me how I could then adjust the filename and creation date (I’m new to DevonThink, but a quick look at the help didn’t find the answer).


  • Greg

I have the ‘set attributes’ option in Preferences > OCR unchecked.

Renaming the PDF in the database: in many documents one can select text and Control click, then choose the contextual menu option, ‘Set Title as’. Otherwise, click on the document name and type in a new name.

There’s a script that allows one to change the creation and/or modification date of a document in the database.

Thanks Bill!

Do you have any idea of what the name of the script is? I see I have one to ‘touch the creation date’, but I want to set it to be the date on the paper.

If anyone is collecting requests, please consider this a request to have the ability to bring up the same dialog that the ‘set attributes’ checkbox brings up, but later. Or to continue running the ocr in the background when the dialog is up.

  • Greg

Here’s one version of the date-changing script (Script for changing note DATE - scroll down in the thread, there are several scripts). It’s pretty old, might not work today, but can be used as a model. I found this script with a quick search, and there must be others.