Workflows for capturing to DevonThink and Bookends?

Hi gang,

I’ve been a DevonThink user for about 10 years, and a Bookends user since around then too. However, I’ve never really used them in conjunction with one another, even though I used them both during grad school in the early (well, early to mid) 2000s — mostly because, at that point, my research was done almost exclusively on paper (books, photocopies of articles, etc.). I didn’t get a ScanSnap until 2006, after graduating…

But I digress. Now I’m getting ready for another round of school (PhD level, this time) and I’m committed to a paperless (or very nearly so) system for research. I’m also committed to using my technology as efficiently as possible, which is what begets my questions here.

Typically, I use DevonThink’s Global Inbox as my “catch-all” for almost everything I gather and collect. (The one exception is stuff that I send through InstaPaper, which gets collected into an archive in EverNote through and ITTT recipe.) From the Global Inbox, I’m sorting into 7 different databases. ONE of those databases is dedicated to PhD research.

(It would be pretty awesome if Bookends watched that database and added new files automatically! Is that possible?)

I end up sending select files into Bookends from DevonThink; however, it seems like there are more tools for bringing files into DevonThink FROM Bookends. But, there don’t seem to be as many easy-capture tools for gathering files into Bookends initially.

Now for the question: what are YOUR workflows for collecting new research into DevonThink that is ALSO for use with Bookends?

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