Working outside of Dropbox

I’ve used my DEVONthink database on Dropbox for 2 years and although it’s worked I have now discovered its frowned upon. I bought DEVONthink to go yesterday and wish to ask the following.

How is best (if it is indeed possible) to set it up so that I have:

Access to DEVONthink from two different Macs (in different geographical locations)

Access to the data on my iPhone

Many thanks

You will not have access to DEVONthink from two different Macs. You will have access to a local DEVONthink database on each Mac.

This goes for DEVONthink To Go 2. You will not be accessing DEVONthink anywhere but on the local device.

Check out the built-in Help on Syncing. If you’re so inclined, you can use Dropbox as a Sync location (which is NOT the same as a database location).

PS: It’s not just frowned upon, it’s not data-safe, even if you seemed to get aay with it for some time. (I smoked for 25+ years and am LUCKY enough to not have lung cancer, but I would never say it was a healthy thing to do! 8) )

A good comparison would be working on electrical issues while the power is on. If you know what you’re doing and do everything just right, you’ll be fine. But really, don’t do that!

I disagree as this does not underscore the actual danger of it. Even if you “know what you’re doing”, it is NEVER a safe practice to put your databases in a cloud-synced folder. Never.

Thank you - I have now moved it to a local folder.
I can see a tutorial using Bonjour - anything for Dropbox?

Please start a Support Ticket. I have something that may be useful.